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May 2015 Blog Posts (13)

League Averages after Week 3

1-4th XI averages through week 3. Some approximation forced on balls faced for the 1s but I used a best guess based off last season's strikerates. Do let me know if you see a mistake with your own stats.


Added by Kamuran Akkus on May 27, 2015 at 23:55 — 1 Comment

Crouch End vs the Tiny Children of Highgate Academy

Sunday 24th May.

Crouch End turned out a reasonable side, including Ricardo, Zinzan, Asif, Amar, Shiv, Prasant, Shashi.  We got beat by a team that included 3 under-12s, which was a little disappointing. 

The game was 80-overs - we bowled them out for 207 off 36 overs, so we got the their extra 4 overs and had 44 overs for our chase - with the option of batting out for a draw. 

Our bowling was mixed - Nix and Nino went for about 50 off four overs between them - Nino's…


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3rds vs MTSCC - The Explaining of the Coin

So I walk out to the middle with their captain. When there, I am informed of the rules of the match (okay, fair enough), asked who moves the sightscreens (slightly strange) and that anyone backing up will be given out immediately (if you say so). Not what I'm normally used to, but then it gets really surreal, as he proceeds to show me the coin (2p, completests) both sides and finally explains which is heads and which is tails! I like the heads side more, which proves an astute move, and…


Added by Robert Russell on May 25, 2015 at 23:44 — 2 Comments

2nds vs Perival Pheonicians (A) - 23 May 2015

Perivale away ....

Skipper turns up after a restless night of phone calls and early morning e-mails from Peter, some how he manages to recruit a pair of cricketing brothers from a local pub on a Friday night to make eleven .... my very own Waugh Brothers as the story would unfold....

So we arrive in drips and drabs ... via various methods .... only to have to lose the toss and be invited to bat on what can only be called the Perivale Popper - lets face it good toss to lose -…


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3rd vs Winchmore Hill - AKA The One Where Rob, Ross and Wasif Did Nothing.

With the ruthless efficiency of a lion hunting down a wildebeest or Simon Tanner consuming a tuna pasta salad, Crouch End devoured Winchmore Hill quickly and without mercy. 

Putting them into bat, Connor and Ricardo set about the openers. Initially their attacks were repelled, and the Hill steadily got to 20ish. Something wasn't quite right, something was missing: a change of attack? a change in the field? more slips? less slips? No! The answer was, of course, Connor wearing his cap…


Added by Robert Russell on May 19, 2015 at 23:20 — No Comments

First XI @ the 13 of Osterley

There are a few things you can guarantee from the First Eleven... no match reports, lack of players returning to the club after away fixtures, being 50-5 one in three games, losing at Osterley.... the list could probably go on. So in an effort to change tradition I'm composing a match report!

This defeat to Osterley was different to many of the others. No, wait, it…


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2nd Eleven Crouchend CC vs Harrow St Mary's (h) 16th May 2015

 And the Saints Go Marching On....

On a glorious spring/summer day ... Harrow St Mary's (HSM) showed their pedigree .... snapping up the toss, they elected to bat on what looked like and proved to be a decent early season deck ....

Crouchend were never in the hunt .... for anything other than leather ... nothing went to hand early and then later if it did it didn't stick ... a guaranteed serving of buffet bowling yielding 6 to 8 an over easily saw the opposition…


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Mind over matter for the 4ths

We won – twice!  First one was easy (but more important), as Edmonton 4ths cried off on Thursday giving us our first 10 points of the season.  The second, in the replacement friendly with Highgate 5ths, was harder, but much more rewarding with a glove biting finale.

To begin with, things did not look good.  In the time it took me to park the car and get my bag out of the boot, Villa let in 3 goals.  Could this be a bad omen?  No, luckily it turned out Villa were just s**t (staying up…


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2014 League Season Averages

A few people have asked to see last season's averages too. So here they are.


Added by Kamuran Akkus on May 17, 2015 at 18:47 — No Comments

League Averages after Week 2

These are the Saturday league averages for the first 3 teams after 2 weeks. I will start the averages for the 4ths once i get the scorebook off Mo. Also, if you can see any glaring errors or have any suggestions, do let me know.


Added by Kamuran Akkus on May 17, 2015 at 18:00 — No Comments

3rd XI vs Hampstead 4s

Our league season began with a tough looking game on paper - away at Hampstead, who have cruised to two successive promotions.  A damp pitch greeted us at the lovely Winchmore Hill ground.  The toss was lost and we were asked to bat.  Hampstead seemed delighted, me less so.  Rob, who now adds vice captaincy duties to his meteorological skills, declared the…


Added by Matt Chambers on May 11, 2015 at 13:30 — 2 Comments

2nd XI vs Edmonton CC (a) Sat 9th May 2015

First Game of the Season - Edmonton Away - Oh what joy to start on a good deck.

The usual seasonal ritual  occurred - gathering of men with cricket equipment at 11:30 ... skuffle around in circles to find sufficient transport to the ground for 22 players going to the same place.... 12:05 having drafted in the "army" transport (Alex and Kester ... much appreciated lads) --- all troops deployed - ready for battle!!!!

Having been dropped off on the A10 ---…


Added by Sasha on May 11, 2015 at 9:00 — 2 Comments

4th XI v. SKLP (h) at Edmonton Sat. 9th May 2015

The 4th XI lost the toss and were put in by SKLP but got the League season off to a good start.  Apu got in some early big blows before miss-hitting and sky-ing to slip.  KK however was more circumspect playing SKPL’s only threatening bowling with great good sense before making telling blows of his own.  Shashi too was forced into playing good defensive shots at one end while playing like an idiot at the other.  He started to find the middle after a while and rattled up 48 via…


Added by Andrew Frank Smith on May 10, 2015 at 20:39 — 1 Comment

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