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3rds vs Edmonton - Last Night a DJ Saved the Team from Another Defeat

Apologies (especially to DJ) for the lateness of this report. Very busy, but if it makes you feel better, I am not marking 29 maths tests to eventually finish it.

Given the fact the last 2 batting performances were brought to you by the numbers 22 and 55, one might forgive your incumbant reporter for not wishing to relive those nightmares again. And so it was to Edmonton and the last game of the season, with an improvement required.

On a pitch the size of a back garden, CECC were invited to bat and after some initial testing bowling, Waqaas (jumper on in nearly 30 degree heat) and Nick (jumperless) found their stride. Putting on over a 100 for the first wicket, their styles were as contrasting as a pair of Wanniarachi brothers.: Nick (58) - footwork, technique, sideburns, poise: Waqaas (138) - power, force, jumper, aggression. Nick's innings was cut short by a boundary catch, bringing Khalid (10) to the crease in a period of the game known as 'its 4 or nothing'. Runs were turned down more often than me in a nightclub, but with DJ (73 no) replacing Khalid, the running resumed and the run rate shot through the roof. It rained boundaries, with the pair putting on over a 150. A sweatered, tired Waqaas eventually went, leaving Mamun (3) and myself (8 no) to help take the score to 325 for 4 off 46.

Tea, can't really remember, but there was a lot of fruit.

Although we had more runs than we had got in the last 4 innings, it still wasn't going to be easy. When the openers put on 150, I was a little worried. Kashif, Kiran, Felix and Vikash all tried their best, but good shots and poor fielding didn't help. And so it was to DJ I turned. Not bowled properly in years, he dislodged both openers and proceeded to take a further 4 wickets (5 bowled) and a run out. In fact, only a misjudged over of spin at the end, took a little gloss off. Edmonton 305 for 7. Winning draw.

It was probably never a game we could win (bowling a team out on that pitch would be very hard), but scoring over 300 was a nice way to end the season. Waqaas and Nick were great, but for his all round game DJ takes the MOTM.

We finished 5th, which is probably a fair reflection of the season. At times we were good, at times we were awful, but overall there were lots of positives to build on for next year. So to finish, and in a last minute replacement to 'Conversations in Cricket', here are

'Rob Russell's Top 5 Moments of the Year'

1. The contrast of emotions when you have achieved your best return in a match: Matt Chambers (6 for 53) - quiet, understated pride. Philip Nagler (100 no) - as if he had just had sexual relations with Kelly Brook.

2. Felix blocking 32 balls for a losing draw against Highgate. We salute you sir.

3. Me attempting to play a game hungover on 3 hours sleep. Long day.

4. A new Highgate player mistakely walks into our changing room. He starts a conversation with James F, who thinks he's one of our new players. Everyone else in the room knows that this guy is in the wrong room, but says nothing. After a minute we've reached the point of no return, someone should have said something immediately but now it's too late. Who will realise first? At 3 minutes I find the tension unbearable and leave. Apparently it went on for another 2 minutes! Awkward

and finally

5. My favourite 'Conversation in Cricket' from our first game:


Kenton Umpire: (to Matt) The fat lady hasn't sung yet.

Kenton No 10 lofts next ball to long off and is well caught by Steve.

Matt: (to umpire) She has now.

Matt exits field.

Thank you and goodnight.

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Comment by Mohammad Islam on September 21, 2012 at 2:58
Congrats dj and waqqas... Great performance, I liked the idea of wearing jumper, probably the secret of holding energy for long! Lol
Comment by Youdy 3000 on September 22, 2012 at 8:03

RR, you get my vote for match reporter of the year!

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