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3rds vs Hanwell - The One That Got Away

N.B This is my second attempt to write my blog. The first I attempted Saturday night a bit drunk, but was so depressing and vitriolic that I had to delete it. So I gave it 2 days and here we go again. A bit more upbeat.


The Good : CECC took to the field after spending 10 minutes trying to locate our newbie Nikhil, who had mysteriously disappeared from the Mill Hill Ground. (Did his disappearance forwarn us of our impending fate, or had he just nipped around the back to make a phone call? We may never know!!!!!.......................(Although it was probably the latter)). Joe and Hemant took an over or so to settle down, but once Hemant stopped beaming every batsman who wasn't wearing a helmet, Joe clean bowled the slogging opener. Hemant followed up with 3 wickets that relied on good bowling, good catching from Rich and a leg stump full toss that went straight up. Kevin B impressed and took the wicket of Hanwell's best batsman with his last ball, which led onto Matt and the aforementioned Nikhil. Both bowled the last 20 odd overs and ground Hanwell's run rate to next to nothing. The batsmen got frustrated with lines and lengths of umcompromising beauty and the boys picked up 5 wickets between them. Joe took 3 catches and Hanwell were 134 all out from 44.


The Bad: From the moment James F was bowled 2nd ball, it got bad. Not quite Richmond bad, but quite close. Briefly, Simon made 20 - extras was the only other score in double figures - Joe and Rich tried to hang around - there was a heated exchange with the oppo - their opening bowler was quick and moved the ball - the pitch decided it wasn't going to let the ball bounce above your ankles - CECC 53 all out 27 overs - insert expletive(s).


The Future:

(Before reading the next part, click the link, move slide bar to 3 mins 1 sec and press play

So what does this result mean? Is it a trend that we are destined to follow for the remainder of the season? Are we going to implode so spectacularly again? Will I be resentfully drinking myself into an angry stupor and then try and write a match report once more? Will I ever write a paragraph with so many questions in it? And I answer all of these resoundly NO!For I ask you;

Does Simon worry that his shirts are 30 years out of date? NO

Does Joe ever consider getting a haircut to avoid Keira Knightely comparisons? NO

Do I concern myself that my batting scores this season look like binary? NO

Do Naggers, Chris and George want to be doing well in 2nds when they know that their spiritual home is in the 3rds? NO

Is Moni ever going to make himself unavailable again? NO (by the way that is legally binding)

and so

Will this ever happen to the 3rds again? NO, NO and thrice NO! For while they may take our wickets, our ropey egg sandwiches, our wallets and phones (fucking Shepherd's Bush security) they will never take our spirit, our resolve or Richard's protective mask he uses for standing up to the wicket (you couldn't give it away).

Twickenham beware. There is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal!

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Comment by Joseph Perera on May 24, 2011 at 15:44
Nothing wrong with medium length hair.

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