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3rds vs Highgate - Highgate Battered (Figuratively and Literally)

It was hot. I mean hot. It was Naggers-without-his-top-on hot. Yes, it was that hot. Sizzle!!! The dilemma of what to do at the toss was once again nicely taken out of my hands, and we were in the field. Did I mention it was hot?

Youth was given its head, as K&K (Kiran and Kashif) opened proceeding, with a tight 5 overs, which offered few scoring opportunities and a deserved wicket for Kiran.

Then Kashif sent their opener to A&E!!!!!!

Yes, that placid exterior belied a fury so furious, that the Highgate opener found himself in the wrong place (Church St Recreational Ground's awful uncut wicket) at the wrong time (when someone bowls on Church St Recreational Ground's awful uncut wicket). Never before on a cricket field have I ever seen such carnage, such malevolence, such evil. Not really, a ball accidently spat and spilt his lip, concern all round. Just to reiterate Kashif is not a frenzied monster.

At least not compared to Matt 'The Helmet Smasher' Chambers, who not only hit 2 different people on the helmet, but also knocked a man's glasses off! The beast! Cowering from the boundary, Highgate quickly submitted to the Wrath of Chambers and offered up 6 wickets to appease this brute. In tandem with his protégé Bernard 'The Bearded' George (2 wickets), these pair of destroyers finished off Highgate in short order. 95 ao


1. Kevin takes a blinder at gully.

2. Matt takes a blinder caught and bowled.

3. The glare off Naggers head when he removed his hat.

and my favourite

4. Highgate no 11 comes in and stands 'deep' in the crease. Smacks the ball hard into the covers, but not before smacking his own stumps even harder.

Tea - wraps. Mmmmm. Wraps.

Like a poorly constructed tent or an overly emotional woman (apparently the wife says I'm not allowed to use that one), the CECC batting line up has a tendency to fall apart. Jon, though wasn't going to let this happen today, not on his watch. Many Highgate bowlers came, many watched their deliveries sail to the boundary, in fact if it wasn't for the out-of-form skipper at the other end defending/playing&missing, we would have probably won in 10 overs. As it was Jon smote all that dared challenge him, until finally 'the daisy cutter' toppled this goliath. There then followed a period of cricket, where CECC decided to make a game of it going from 85 for 1 to 88 for 5. The trademark implosion had occurred, and it was horrible! Naggers and Bernard, found Highgate redoubling their efforts, sniffing seemingly implausible points. Maiden followed maiden, until at last 'The Bearded' pulled one to deep square leg. 2 runs were run.


"F#*$ing run 3"

3 runs were run.

Tension abated, Naggers proceeded to smash 2 further boundaries to take us home. CECC 99 for 5. Win by 5 wickets.

A great win, slightly over-shadowed by our terrible ground, which quite frankly is becoming not just an embarrassment, but is now also dangerous. We played well today, particularly in the field amid searing temperatures. Kiran, Kash, Hemant and Bernard all showed great control, while Matt took career best figures (6 for 22) proving that a combination of putting the ball in the right place and smart thinking (slower ball to the dangerous opener was a beauty) pay big dividends. Jon was excellent as well, quickly extinguishing all hope Highgate had (despite the middle order's best attempts). With 8 games to go, we sit 2nd, 6 points clear. Next week Lohana who, by all accounts have a similar pitch to ours! Kashif and Matt will be happy.

(fade to maniacal laughter)



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Comment by Matt Chambers on July 15, 2013 at 21:10

What? No mention of the diving caught and bowled in the 'highlights' ... I would've been pleased with that even in my heyday :)

Comment by Robert Russell on July 15, 2013 at 21:56
My apologies. I don't want to get on the wrong side of 'The Helmet Smasher'.
Comment by Jon Beddow on July 16, 2013 at 7:28
It was mentioned Matt, see highlight #2
Comment by Robert Russell on July 16, 2013 at 8:52
No that was me. I amended the report to escape The Wrath of Chambers
Comment by Matt Chambers on July 16, 2013 at 13:04

Cheers skip :)

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