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3rds vs Perivale - Stung Back into Action

Now, I know I didn't write a report last week for the Twickenham game. Let's just say things happened, bad things and it's best we surpress these things until they inevitably spill out in some mid-life crisis meltdown. Anyway, Perivale.


CECC invited Perivale to bat (that's right coin toss followers, back to winning ways), and the tried and tested combo and Joe and Hemant started off as they had done in the heyday of the winning streak. But things have changed and it didn't quite go to plan, Joe was erratic and expensive, but still picked up 2 including a Phil Nagler one hander (a service Naggers usually charges £50 for on a Saturday night down the Radlett back alleys(10% student discount)). Hemant was tight and penertrating (a service Nag.........) but ultimately wicketless. The same could be said for James, although he did have the distinction of best Simon Tanner impression of the game, when he dropped a sharp caught and bowled. Points gained for remaining prostrate on the floor for a good 5 seconds and for banging his fist on the ground. Points deducted for no primal scream or throwing of headwear to the floor. Overall I'll give it 6/10, good but areas to work on. Nikhil provided the double breakthrough getting 2 in 2, and after a ropey start, CECC reined Perivale in. Unfortunately the early season speciality of rolling a team for around 100, was undone when no.s 8 and 9 build a strong stand and although Varun, Vijay and particularly impressive Shashi eventually bowled them out, Perivale were the first team to post  over 200 against us. Perivale 209 ao.


Lunch was a disaster as not only had Steve and Hemant injured themselves, but infinitely more important there was no sugar for the tea!!! Now when a man (me) has to (ultimately fail) to sweeten his tea by dunking a dozen rich tea biscuits into his cup, you know something fundamental has gone wrong to society. Sugar is right not a privilege!


A quick rejigging of the batting order (injury, not sugar related), meant Naggers and Sasha opened and got off to a steady start, Sasha departure led myself to the crease and the first in a new, regular feature of:




Me: 'I've been stung by a f**king wasp on my f**king knee'


Now if this had been Bernard, there would doubtlessly be barely a flicker of visable discomfort. In fact I can well imagine him ripping off his trousers and sucking the venom right out (a serv..... all right, no more). But not having lived through 2 world wars I was a bit more sensible and allowed Naggers to rub on some soothing cream (..............). The aforementioned Naggers (37) and I moved the score on slowly but steadily, and when Phil was caught, Varun came in and the two of us upped the run rate. When I departed, we were still in with a chance, but while all of the middle order tried to keep the momentum going, a combination of bad luck and unbelievably catching meant no one really made a telling contribution. The match was beginning to slip away! Enter Steve.


Never have I known a man for such short time been struck down with so many injuries (this week - back). But down the order, in he came and proceeded to 'Moni' the bowling


Moni - (mon-ee) - verb - to score very quickly in cricket, dealing almost exclusively in boundaries. Opposite of a Tanner.


With 4 overs to go victory was in sight, but an errant fielder caused Steve (40) to pull away, distracting him and bowled he was next ball. Nikhil joined Vijay and the chase was still on with 2 overs remaining and 19 runs for victory. But when Nikhil managed to not quite get the ball above deep square leg's reach,I decided that with only 1 wicket remaining 4 points were better than 0 and instructions to block out were issued. Not that that stopped Vijay edging the last ball past the slips! CECC 190 for 9 in 42 overs - winning draw.


Overall a satisfactory result, for while we didn't bowl or field to our highest standards, our batting was immeasurably more resolute than in some recent game I'm trying hard to forget. Will 4 points be enough? I don't know, but here are some things I do:


1. The next 3 games are against the 3 rivals for promotion, and are crucial.

2. Therefore I am prepared to compromise all principles I had earlier in the season (when we were winning) and would like to request that any 2nds player wishing to make himself available would be warmly encouraged.

3. Tea is not tea without sugar.

4. Wasps are bastards.


5. Joe looks even more like Keira Knightley now he's had his haircut.

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Comment by Simon Tanner on August 9, 2011 at 11:54
James let's work together to get the hat throwing right.  I need to hand over my mantle to another.
Comment by Joseph Perera on August 9, 2011 at 13:20
That's a little unfair, I went at 4 an over.
Comment by Robert Russell on August 9, 2011 at 14:45
In comparision to how you had been bowling.
Comment by Simon Tanner on August 9, 2011 at 14:51
News in that Hanwell beat Twickenham heavily.  No other results yet.
Comment by Alexander (sasha) Mistlin on August 9, 2011 at 18:03
Personally I think Joe looks more like Emma Watson to be honest.
Comment by Peter Tollington on August 9, 2011 at 23:06
did you lot lose at Twickenham then?
Comment by Robert Russell on August 10, 2011 at 0:26
What happened in Twickenham stays in Twickenham.
Comment by Simon Tanner on August 10, 2011 at 9:32
Of top 4 only Brentham won, with finchley held to a winning draw by GWR and MTSSC beating Indian Gym! We're 4th 6pts behind Brentham top on 83 points.  All very close all in our own hands!

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