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Having won the toss the Crouch End top order faced one very accomplished bowler and got themselves out to the bloke at the other end.  One Robbie Singh, returning to cricket by way of the Acton  4th XI, landed the ball on a length and moved it both ways.  Naggers alone, briefly supported by Vaibhai, Ruskin and Nino, managed both to keep him out and not surrender to the pie-chucker at the other end, scoring 48 out of the Crouch End total of 114 in 43 overs.  Acton fielded well and held their catches.

Dhamendra was good but not good enough to frighten the opposition and they got to their total for 3 wickets in 27 overs.  Taking catches would have been good but probably not enough given the good sense and competence of the opposition and the paucity of the target.  Chanchal and Vaibhai put plenty of effort into their stints but too often, on a good but slow pitch, played to the batsmen’s strength by pitching too short.  Ruskin produced the best moment of the session taking a wicket with his inswinger, the perfect left-arm-over-the-wicket shape. 

So it’s just a matter then of scoring runs, pitching the ball up and holding catches.  Simple.

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