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The report of the last 4th XI last league game will probably be the shortest.  Osterley 3rds would be top of the league but for points deducted after an altercation with Ickenham, yielding their place to Osterley 4ths who had beaten us with some comfort earlier in the year.  By a quirk of time-tabling we made the long trip to play both sides on their home ground


Both Osterley sides have been noisy, pleased with themselves, slightly chaotic but full of raw talent.  For instance they dropped a couple of simple chances but all had spectacularly ferocious throws.  Khalid and Richard did well to hold up the pace attack for ten overs and 34 runs.  Mamun showed he has the technique to play good bowling until he was run out at the non-strikers end by a direct throw from cover point after being sent back for a single.  Khalid reached his 50 but was also run out – his boys must teach him how to run-in his bat.  Thereafter there were no sustained partnerships and only a few sporadic run-scoring shots – from Ganesh, Gareth, Dilan, Andrew, Raj and the undefeated Ian.  Crouch End all out for 128 in 45 overs.


As the Crouch End innings disintegrated it was agreed that the pitch was difficult, much-used and inclined to keep low, maybe difficult for a chase.  Might we be in for another tense, low-scoring game?  No.  Osterley showed no anxiety about the bounce, went for their shots from the start, rode their luck and scampered to a 9 wicket win in 14 overs.  Ian was the only bowler to escape punishment, 5 overs 1 for 17.  Dilan took the catch at mid off; but shortly afterwards tried for another, lower and very well hit.  Gareth quickly ran him to Ealing General Hospital with a nastily misshapen thumb.


So an uncomfortable afternoon all round, Khalid’s first 50 after several near misses being the only bight spot.


Division 5 of the 1987 league is a strange mixture.  We’ve been taken apart by some batting that wouldn’t be out of place in much higher divisions, but have won several fixtures by really tight performances in the field.  It’s certainly been a good move to join the league.  It’s shown all of us, young and old, what we have to do to sharpen our game.



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Comment by Bernard George on September 4, 2011 at 20:01

Out of ghoulish curiosity I looked up the scorecard to see what the bowling figures were like.  But Andrew is too much of a gentleman to have recorded them.  Some averages must have taken a hammering.

I hope your thumb is OK Dilan...

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