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Fun in the Sun at Ruislip: 2nds 21.8.11

I enjoyed this game.  The oppo were a nice bunch, plus (and this is crucial) not quite as good as us.  This was the story of our innings:

First 10 overs:   22 runs, Bernard and Kester see off the opening bowlers.

Next 10 overs:  59 runs. Bernard and Sasha cash in.  Sasha recalled to the crease after "it hit my pad straps, not my bat" controversy.  (Tidy up your gear youngster, to avoid a repetition.)

Next 10 overs:   34 runs, Sasha, Bernard, Bobby, Dilan and Ken out, and momentum fades a bit.

Next 10 overs:   61 runs, Wasif and Andrew playing beautifully.

Last 5 overs:       34 runs.  Vikash hits a six.  Ian thumps a couple of fours. Both are not out.

No luck for Bobby, who top edged a mighty swipe, or Dilan who got a good ball, or Ken who added to our collection of comedy run outs, but overall a great batting performance,0n a green and damp pitch.

 Our bowling performance was even better.  I wanted to frustrate the oppo, so despite Andrew's distaste for my tactics, we always had men back.  It worked though, and even though we struggled to get wickets for a while, they got way behind the required rate. 

 Of our 9 bowlers the pick was Wasif who bowled 10 aggressive overs. Ian, Hemant and Vikash bowled most of the rest, and all kept the run rate well below 4 per over.

 Kester did not bowl, but made up for it with two examples of comedy fielding:

1.  A mighty cover drive, going for 4 surely!  But no, here comes our hero, KP racing across to block it with his foot; just a single then, but oh dear! Kester has kicked the ball 30 yards. As he chases after it they run a second. Oh dear, now Kester has tumbled over in the attempt to pick it up.  They run a third. What a way to save one run KP!

2. Another mighty blow, on its way to the boundary with KP in close pursuit.  Will he catch up with it in time?  No.  Will he hurtle head first into the stinging nettles? Yes!

KP you actually fielded well.  Keep the enthusiasm alive.

There were lots of performances to celebrate, but high on the roll of honour are:

Sasha - who kept wicket really well (2 catches), as well as scoring 32.

Andrew Smith - some lovely shots on his way to 29, and a good catch of Wasif.

Vikash - scored 21 not out quickly, and then fielded and bowled well (at least in his second spell).

Me - yes I know this is immodest, but I top scored and picked up 2 wickets for 7 runs, and a catch, so nuurgh.

Bobby for bowling their last man, to win the match.

But Wasif is Man of the Match, for his 41 runs, three wickets and a brilliant run out.

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Comment by Youdy 3000 on August 22, 2011 at 6:12

Hats off to Mr Butt.  Great performance. 


For me, shot of the day was a tight contest between Andrew's amazing shot over covers or Vikash's monster six of the deep cover area.  Fabulous to get over 200 on a Sunday!

Comment by Andrew Frank Smith on August 22, 2011 at 23:44

A couple of things:  

I had no problem with Bernard's tactics all: he masterminded the strategy perfectly. I did politely inquire as to whether, with Wasif already having bowled three overs in which the ball thundered past the off stump, we still needed a fine leg and a deep square leg but no slip.

I think someone picked up the wrong helmet.  I couldn't find my navy-blue Reader at the end but the last item in the changing room was a navy-blue Gray Nicholls with green side-pieces which is now in my bag.

I would also like any information that will explain the disappearance of  the A-Z which was on the back seat of my car.



Comment by Bernard George on August 23, 2011 at 10:13

Andrew, you are never other than polite.

NB You may remember I once spent an entire season fielding at slip, during which I took exactly one catch (and I did not drop any either, before anyone starts).  I am not a big believer in that position at our level. Gully is another matter.

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