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Awards given, JoE caught stealing top soil, fast Bowler falls asleep and Robbie J goes home.

The night started early with a defeated away team lookimg for solice in the bottom of a pint glass, JoE's bag on top of the score box (and though I was only witness to one of these-) Simon talking up his two wickets on the tube and fast bowler not saying a word in the car all the way from south harrow to calthorpe.

Not sure which one really happened.

After a sip of the old brew, a game was devised envoling a stump,tennis ball, gas canister and one hand one bounce. Nabil appealed for everything, even a so called electric wicket that catchs anything played behind the stumps( I vote we vote on buying one for the sunday/4ths side at the agm).

not to long after we gave up the game and told Nabil he had won just so he would stop apealing to us about why he should have been bowling,batting,keeping and feilding in a game that didnt even involve a cricket ball.

Clearly all a ploy for his bid to oust Crimewatch as sunday friendly captain.
All this was lost on us as we hit the bar for another round.

It was a large case of many were called but few turned up.
but those few that turned up proved to be more determined in their drinking(except Robbie Jenkins who went home early) than at laughing at nagglers jokes.

and who can blame them. it was an effort to see if you could get drunk fast enough to make his next joke funny.

Robbie J's speach was lost on bottems feeders of the 4ths and sunday side, but im sure that there was at least one first team player who enjoyed the harsh jokes.

An absent attachment and Secounds captain meant we ended up with more of nagglers jokes, which got funny,cos we had all had another pint by that stage-excpet fastbowler who was having a nap.

Then though defeated on the day, Captain Rob of the third team came on with a speach full of praise for his duly promoted third side. many cheeers ensured and some of us went home wishing for a prom queen as He had promised.

After more Nagglers gold, which was going for well more than a groan a gram, Andrew Smith, having recieved acloades for his ground building work with the thirds  by Captain Rob, gave a stirring speach for the fourths- a new venture for the club- who finished mid table and fielded a differant team every week.
Commodore Smith ended with a rousing line of it snot how bad you played but what you learnt. I learnt to score. Go me, I got a mention!Glad i never had to score my own batting.

Bernards speach was a little lower than his usaul considering it didnt involve pots of burning oil,burning at the stake,walking the plank or a personal invation to not drop the ball on the ground. But he made it up in a bravdo of cries of comunity spirit and comradarie that can only be found in crouch end,which left a smile on everyones face in his last apprience for crouch end, giving up the bridge and captains chair of the sunday side to pursue golfing in a postdated sort of way.

Many cheers and boos and crime watch out cries were heard during the players choice awards, of which Nabil disqualified himself in alomost all of them by voting for himself,But seeing as less than half the club voted im sure everyone knows who won what and that Simon got voted in as researve for the players team of the year.

Mamun cleaned up the awards, standing in for a shy famliy member, and Lakshmi recieved a well earned award for clubperson of the year for all her work behind the play of the day.

By this stage JoE's bag had mysteriously disappered from the score box roof, and despite fast bowler climbing a ladder to look for it, it was not in a tree.
JoE found it later in the middle of the pitch and dragged it back to the club house before being busted trying to steal a bag of top soil for the new pitch.
Roumor has it he was mugged again leaving the club house and fought bralvey while Sacha watched to retrieve his bag again.

after the awards dried up, less sombreos where seen and those despardos left gathered around the bar where Ranil and Bobby kept everyones glasses primed.

but, as in all the things, the men where separted from the boys, the sheep from the lambs, the cows from the bulls and the wallabies from the kangaroos.

A faithfull few clung to the bar and kept ordering, and after hearing the 12th mans version of india captitulaing to England in the world cup some years ago, curirosity got the better of Mr Tanner and I played 'Unknown Artist Track 11' from my phone which Ill be voting for as club anthem in the next AGM.

That didnt go down well and the music was changed in an effort to get the last five standing revved up for the next ground.

And here it is. Rob Jenkins. Bailed. abandoned ship. threw down his sword raised his sheild above his heard and cried mercy at the prospect of falling into the clutch of captain morgan, First mate Jim Beam,Bosun Jack Daniels and Seargant at arms Jonnie walker.

Felix was resilant to the end and Simon stood tall like a man who'd taken a wicket with his first ball.
But in the end, despite my most convincing efforts everyone was home bound.So we trudged up the road where our drivers awaited us in red double decker limousines.

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Comment by Simon Tanner on September 26, 2011 at 10:47

A good, near great, evening missed by too many.

Not sure what's in Desperado's but it seems to have  strange affect on the eyes judging by the piccie above.

Also big up to Dominic in snaffling the catch for my first wicket of the Peter said I came on too late should have been .........May!

Comment by Dominic Seeber on September 28, 2011 at 18:39

Sorry Nabz, I must have missed the dummy vote. Was that what you didn' t 'note' vote yourself for?


All the facts in this article are true when viewed with inebriated glasses.

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