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Saturday Friendly vs. Hillingdon Manor- Has Mark finished bowling yet?

Getting to the ground after a tense England watch (rugby) meant that I may have been thinking rugby more than cricket, but I think we'll all agree the ground looked like it had had a rugby match played on it, contradictory to it's prestigious reputation as the field of dreams.

Anyhow, it was declared by the ever cheerful skipper (who is beginning to groom a ginger mullet) that we should drown, oh no that action made by him was bowl. We bowled first.

Varun and Ian opened up. It wasn't a scintillating start, but Varun was tight and that kept control over the vast amount of runs Ian was serving up at the other end. I love it when Varun bowls because I can get on with my homework/any other time consuming task whilst he walks back to the end of his very long run up.

After Varun had ran a marathon completed his spell, Mark came on forever. Mark bowled very well. Too well. He got a few, ran out another and spent so long doing this even Ranil could've grown a ponytail. In fact, during their tedious 47 over innings Rob Russell changed the downhill bowling once. (Cough! Andrew Smith esque-ness Cough!) 

Felix occupied the other end with a ferocious spell worthy of a Matt comparison. He was even more ferocious when an equally ferocious ST dropped a catch that subsequently dribbled away for four. It was one of those classic ST moments when he drops a catch and suspense is built into a captivated, awed and mostly expectant field for a mesmorizing reaction. I think it went along the lines of: AAAARRRRRGGGHHHH! Followed by hitting hat on knee repeatedly. It was part of a display of Tanner fielding which also included specialist diving over the ball. DVD out Monday!

It's fair to say their tail faded quicker than my ability to make comparisons and they declared on 167/9 after 47, leaving us 40 to chase it down. Tea was good, but ruined by both Brighton and Watford winning (Leicester drew).

Our chase was mixed. ZinZan played a solid 40-something and was really the only batsman to find runs on a unpredictable pitch (I guess Mark did okay too and Sam provided time and support). Everyone else (Rob 0, ST not many) struggled and we were lucky-ish to land a draw. I say lucky-ish because at point victory looked possible, and also because I am not confident in spelling fortunate. I really hate that word.

We finished 9 down and in the dark. No one knew the other results. Although the game surrendered itself to a draw both teams competed well and as a team created from the full array of XI's we competently navigated our way through a potentially undeserved defeat. 

P.S: They were a bunch of chuckers.

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Comment by David Jenkins on September 11, 2011 at 11:51
Good report as always and impressive use of the english language. Only thing is look at the time u wrote it, nearly 2am ! Poor parenting I'd say
Comment by Robert Russell on September 11, 2011 at 17:07
I give you that the length of hair is getting a bit long at the back, but ginger! I think not!
Comment by Joseph Perera on September 11, 2011 at 20:54
What colour would you say it was then? (Strawberry Blonde is not a true answer, it's just a ginga in denial).
Comment by Joseph Perera on September 11, 2011 at 21:04
I know who your looking to be like!!!! David Bowie!!!!!
Comment by Bernard George on September 12, 2011 at 10:50

Yeah Rob is just like David Bowie, but without the money, the women or the fame.  But he is younger, better at cricket (I assume) and his match reports make more sense than Bowie's songs, just.

Comment by Simon Tanner on September 12, 2011 at 14:57
Also worth keeping a look out for the danger in the grass up near Norman's shed - it certainly frightened Varun (Harpoon), and the game finished in hilarious circumstances after JoE hid some of my stuff.   How I laughed!

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