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Sunday Friendly vs. Maccabi- Don't worry, it's only a heavy downpour.

It's fair to say that against another opposition this game would've been called off, but credit has to go to the pure insanity and overenthusiastic attitude of our oppo during what many would've described as heavy rain, torrential, flash flood, end of the world weather and it is thanks to them and their bowling that we can revel in the delight of a win.

Felix (on his return) either won or lost the toss and we ended up batting. Both openers enjoyed fleeting clear skies but soon after because of the impending rain decided to get out; (Rhubarb sliced to gully and Nabil was tactically run out by Sasha). 

Stu (31) and Sasha (61) then built a solid partnership in a game defining period, they dug us out of not many for 2 to over a hundred and really put us in a dominating position. As much as I would like to describe this wonderful partnership I cannot as I could barely see the square from the pavilion due to the intensity of the rain.

However when Stu got out it was my turn (I know, I was batting a t no.5!) and I can report that Norman wouldn't of like what he saw. It was literally inexplicably bad, there was mud everywhere and the batsman's guard looked more like a WWI trench. Sawdust was sprayed randomly everywhere. Puddles formed in the bowlers foot-holes. After an over I looked at my bat and cried inside. It looked like it had been left in a giant, damp hamster cage for years on end. We did play 35 overs and got to 160, but I don't know how. (Well actually I do, some middle order hitting; Me 25*, Harpoon 12).

As a side note to the over-the-top purist ST, I got runs from both a dilscoop and a reverse hit, so hah!

After a clear, rainless patch during tea we were under way again, in the rain. Our bowling was somewhat mixed. We had the good, Rhubarb, Harpoon. The bad, Stu. And the ugly, Stu. Some unlikely candidates also chipped in (Courtney, myself bowling spin) and it was clear we were en route to winning this game and I'm afraid no exciting match situation arose to enthral readers, we instead rather calmly sailed into the port of victory. Unfortunately Felix didn't bowl himself, but he is well on the way to recovery.

MOTM goes to Sash for a decent innings (even if it was boring) and some good keeping.

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Comment by Simon Tanner on August 9, 2011 at 14:50

Well done Joseph.


Norman did comment about the amount of saw dust he found but it's good you finished the game. 


Worth noting that Mr Middleton is now reporting a broken finger in his continuing season horriblis.

Comment by Nabil Ahmed on August 14, 2011 at 9:18
Thank you joe SASHA ran ME out :D

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